Sexual Harassment

We use the Clark Wilson validated 360º feedback tool to enable the participant to compare his own perceptions of his skills and abilities with the perceptions of those around him. Input is solicited from superiors, coworkers and subordinates and is processed against validated normative data. We use the resulting report to identify strengths and weaknesses and to generate new behaviors and techniques to improve. (For more information on the variety of 360º tools available from Clark Wilson, go to www.boothco.com)

In the short-term, we meet weekly with the participants to review results and create a Management Development Plan (MDP). Bi-monthly follow-ups promote continuous improvement and problem-solving. In the long-term, this process may be repeated annually to track MDP success and identify areas for improvement on an ongoing basis.

We conduct a team debrief to create buy-in with subordinates. Feedback is given to the participant's supervisor, with suggestions on how to reinforce new behaviors. We encourage the supervisor to monitor the participant's progress towards goals on a regular basis.


  This two-day workshop is a lively, interactive approach to changing your managers' mindsets about delivering meaningful performance appraisals. Attendees will learn specific techniques to make the process less burdensome, yet more worthwhile, for the employees, the organization, and the managers themselves. In the capstone activity, participants review and complete an actual appraisal, which is then reviewed in one-on-one coaching sessions.

Through discussion, video, individual worksheets and small group activities, participants will learn how to use this as a tool to develop their employees rather than as an end product to determine a raise. The focus is on coaching and counseling skills and how to get the most out of people.

Program includes:
   how to evaluate staff consistently and fairly
   how to avoid common rater errors
   how to document year-round
   how to prepare for a performance appraisal session
   how to prepare your employee for the appraisal
   how to coach and counsel during an appraisal
   how to set reasonable goals and objectives
   how to identify and accommodate personality styles
   how to listen and respond effectively

  1. Learning Objectives:
    1. To create win-win interactions through skill-based training on personality styles and listening.
    2. To instill a sense of ownership that leads to personal responsibility and creativity.
    3. To learn to generate excitement and create a sense of accountability in others.

  2. Workshop Activities May Include:
    • 1/2 day communication skills
    • 1/2 day listening skills
    • 1/2 day teamplayer basics
    • 1/2 day Zapp! teambuilder skills
    • 1/2 day conflict resolution/teambuilding
      case studies
    • 1/2 day team issues problem-solving
    • 1 day Leadership Retreat: Goal-Setting administration and interpretation of validated team assessment before and after training
    • Customized workbooks for each participant
    • The book "ZAPP!" for each participant

  3. Benefits of the Workshop
    1. A sense of ownership among team members that fosters unified effort toward a common goal.
    2. Improved productivity, morals and communication among team members.
    3. Improved, teamplaying, team-leading, decision-making and problem-solving skills.
Tired of hearing about the Bill Clinton sex scandal and sexual harassment in general? Then consider our new "Preventing Workplace Discrimination" Workshop.

Available in a half or full-day format, this interactive program heightens awareness of existing and emerging discrimination issues in the workplace, such as age, gender, national origin, religious and cultural differences, health and disability challenges, and the changing composition of America's workforce. Specific laws are discussed in the context of legalities of interviewing and hiring (e.g., questions that may or may not be asked).

The activities increase sensitivity to differing values and beliefs systems, as a basis for appreciating and accommodating members of all protected classes.


Pondering a decentralization of your recruitment and selection process, but afraid to let your supervisors and managers loose on unsuspecting candidates? Consider our highly customized Interviewing Skills training. This intensive program covers all significant aspects of preparing for and conducting a successful interview, including:

  • Pre - interview checklist
  • Developing a standard format
  • Evaluating resumés (finding "red flags")
  • Interviewing techniques (how to get the most and best the candidate has to offer)
  • Legalities of interviewing (what you can and cannot ask)
  • Personality styles and listening skills (sizing up the applicant)
  • Using job descriptions in recruitment
  • Interview question series
  • Focusing on skills and competencies
This program utilizes your job descriptions to enable participants to conduct meaningful mock interviews. If you have departmental or job specific core competencies, we will incorporate those into the standard interview format to ensure that supervisors and managers know how to articulate them and evaluate candidates accordingly.



We teach participants to:
  1. Create a win-win interview situation - develop a style and environment that enables the candidate to have a successful interview.
  2. Prepare question series in advance - discover what they really want to know about the candidate by being ready with appropriate follow-up questions and by analyzing their responses immediately following the interview.
  3. Understand the "big picture" of the organization and focus on the skill sets required to perform the job, rather than the specific tasks.
"You took the time to know our firm and, therefore, the structure of the seminars allowed you to focus on values and specific conditions in our firm. The "Meta" messages of your seminars included the issues that revolve around change and the high value we place on respect."
Dianne Bennett, President
Hodgson, Russ, Andrews, Woods & Goodyear
Attorneys at Law

"Through your teambuilding training and management coaching, I have come to a realization which prompted me to gain new communication skills and "shed" habits that were inhibiting productive interaction with my staff."

Robert Cloud North
Managed Care Director
Seminole Tribe of Florida
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