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Sexual Harassment & Discrimination
  Donna Horkey's expertise in the area of sexual harassment includes a variety of services:
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 Harassment Counseling Services   
We provide one-on-one counseling for individuals accused of harassment or whose behavior is a cause for concern. Counseling focuses on specific behaviors and details of complaints filed against the person. The goals of the session are to help the individual understand what he or she has been accused of and why, and to replace unacceptable actions with comfortable and appropriate ones. The value of this is twofold.

First, alleged accusers are frequently highly-placed individuals who have been with the organization a number of years and have made valuable contributions. Therefore, the company would like to salvage these people if they can be "rehabilitated."

Second, from a legal liability and "affirmative defense" standpoint, the company can demonstrate it has done everything possible to work with the individual to prevent further problems.

Following the counseling session, we submit documentation to the company that includes an overview of key points addressed and a stated opinion as to whether the person truly understands why his or her behaviors were inappropriate, and whether problems are likely to continue. We recommend actions for management to reinforce the counseling session.

 Investigative Services   
On occasion, companies may seek an objective third party to re-examine results of an internal investigation into a discrimination/harassment complaint. This practice is valuable when a complainant has accused Human Resources of partiality or wants to appeal the Human Resources or Legal Departments' findings.

In some cases, it is advisable to have an outside third party conduct the interview and documentation process. This will preserve legal counsel's ability to objectively handle the case and insure that the integrity of the company's practices are beyond challenge by the complainant. This process can be conducted independently or in concert with a liaison from the Human Resources and/or Legal departments. We provide written findings and are available for deposition and testimony should the complaint become a court case.

 Expert Witness
 Testimony Services
Having provided the above mentioned services for a variety of organizations since 1993, Missing Link Consultants, Inc., offers services in difficult cases requiring information and an independent professional opinion. Donna Horkey's education and experience make her uniquely qualified to address behaviors of the alleged victim and the alleged harasser from both the reasonable person and reasonable woman standards, as well as offer perspectives on the company's policies, practices, and procedures in handling the problem.

 Interactive Training Services:
 Are You Flirting With Disaster?  
Our half-day training module for general employees focuses on the two types and three primary behaviors of harassment. We incorporate the organization's policy statement into the workbook and review it during the program. Emphasis is placed on the role of the victim in preventing and stopping harassing behaviors, as well
as understanding the organization's grievance and internal remedy procedures.

Our full-day training module for supervisory and management employees expands the program described above to include discussions about liability, both the organization's and the individual manager's. Investigation techniques are also covered, along with a firm statement of the organization's expectations of each and every supervisor and manager.

Topics include:
  1. Definition of harassment under Title VII and CRA '91 (quid pro quo vs. hostile environment)
  2. Types and examples of behavior which constitute harassment (verbal, visual, physical)
  3. Special issues: same-sex harassment, reasonable woman standard, affirmative defense
  4. Responsibilities in preventing harassment in the workplace (worker, manager, employer)
  5. Review of company's present harassment policy
  6. Proper remedies (internal and external)
  7. Procedures for handling a complaint (with complainant and with alleged harasser)
Upon completion, participants will have a firm grasp of proper behavior and procedures to run their departments as harassment-free environments. They will comprehend the difference between "good, clean fun" and harassment. They will clearly understand their role and responsibility in preventing harassment from occurring within their work unit, and what to do should they receive a complaint in spite of their efforts.

Comments From Attendees
"Thank you for sharing with us today your expertise and very effective program, 'Are You Flirting With Disaster?' Your love for what you do is apparent in how you do it and on behalf of Harwood, we appreciate the time you spent with us today!"
Jill M. Bayer, PHR, Director
Administration and Human Resources

"All seem to agree that you were able to take a subject which is very complex and confusing and present it in a manner that made it easily understandable."
Robert L. Endsley
Corp. Employment Manager
Johnson Controls World Services

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